Buddhism and meditation accessories

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Buddhism and meditation accessories

Here at Iguazu, we have many different Buddhism and meditation Accessories. From Buddha statues and meditation candles to singing bowls and yoga mats, we have a wide range of fair-trade products for you to look at.

At its core, Buddhism is about treating yourself and other people fairly. Buddhism is the world’s 4th largest religion. It is practised by many people, predominantly in South East Asia.

Below is a list of countries and the percentage of people there that are Buddhists.

Thailand 95%
Cambodia 90%
Myanmar 88%
Bhutan 75%
Sri Lanka 70%
Tibet 65%
Laos 60%
Vietnam 55%
Japan 50%
Macau 45%
Taiwan 43%

Buddhism is also becoming ever more known across the western world. The Greeks were the first westerners to introduce Buddhism into their culture.

We have an array of Buddha statues available to buy here. In the Buddhist tradition, statues of the Buddhas are usually always given as a gift.

Meditation is practised in all of the Dharma religions (Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism). It is used as a way to centre yourself and maintain inner peace. We have a wide selection of meditation accessories here.