Salt Lamps; The Benefits

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Salt Lamps; The Benefits

Our Himalayan Salt-Lamps

At Iguazu we have a large array of Himalayan salt lamps that are both beautiful additions to the home space and esoterically beneficial to the soul.

These lamps, carved and cured from the pink Himalayan salt mines of the Punjab region of Pakistan are said to host a variety of spiritual benefits.
Our Salt lamps are ‘natural ionisers’, meaning that they eradicate the negative energy accumulated in one’s home by altering the electric charge of the air surrounding it. The ionising effects act as a soother of allergies and stress whilst simultaneously enhancing the general mood of the home.


When heated, Salt lamps release a cleansed water vapour into the environment, acting as a natural, organic detoxifier. Because of this, Salt lamps are said to be highly beneficial for those with respiratory conditions, as well as those who just want to emphasise feelings of tranquillity and peace inside their homes.
Aside from the impressive natural salt-science of the lamps, they are also fantastic at promoting mindfulness just as a byproduct of the dim, soft ambiance they create. A reddish hue and unassuming glow; the colour of the lamps is determined by their natural ion content. At Iguazu, we not only have these natural salt lamps as Tea light holders but also ones powered by LED Lighting that provide a more subversive form of spirituality.

Crystallised from salt mines, all composed uniquely, Our Salt Lamps aid in the upkeep of emotional and physical well-being and are perfect to calm the soul after a busy day.


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