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Experience the joyful dance music of the French, Spanish and Anglo-Caribbean with Putumayo’s Afro-Caribbean Party.

Afro-Caribbean Party, a collection that celebrates the incredible power of the African-influenced music of the Caribbean! The Caribbean has long been the source of some of the most impactful music in human history and its diverse styles are the result of 500 years of blending African, European and indigenous cultures in the Americas. The songs on Afro-Caribbean Party represent many different aspects of the irresistible dance music of Spanish, French and Anglo-Caribbean.

The party kicks off with legendary Martinique musician Kali and the banjo-driven swing of beguine. It’s followed by Jamaican reggae star, Clinton Fearon’s “Come By Yah,” an upbeat reggae track with a positive spirit and catchy toe-tapping beat that captures the essence and soul of this universally appealing music style.  Keeping the heat alive, Ska Cubano blends the propulsive backbeat shuffle of Jamaican ska with the soulful Afro-Cuban son to create their own unique Caribbean sound.

Born in Haiti, Wesli built his first guitar out of an old oil can and nylon shoelace when he was just eight years old. These days, this  creative and innovative talent is considered to be one of the great new Caribbean voices on the international scene.  Also from Haiti, Michel Blaise is both a respected performer of the classic compasdance music style and one of the country’s top basketball and soccer players. Blaise chose to devote himself to his artistic passions “to unite people of the world through the spirit of music.”

Next, we travel a bit north to Cuba where Asere, a young group of Cuban musicians, bring new energy to old styles. Their song “A Favor del Viento” blends Cuban son and comparsa flavors with other Caribbean styles like Jamaican mentoand Colombian cumbia. Swiss musician Famara (aka Thomas Nikles) fell in love with African and Caribbean rhythms and his upbeat grooves have made him a leading reggae artist following in the footsteps of Alpha Blondy and other West African reggae stars.

Ethnomusicologist, musician, poet, painter, teacher and composer Jan Sebonderives his creative inspiration from the music of his native Haiti and the African diaspora. His song “Mango Fransik,” named after a popular type of mango, is performed with his band Kazak International.

From Cuba, Chispa Labori sings Emilio Cabailon’s “La Barca” (The Boat) featuring a bouncy, Colombian cumbia-inflected rhythm. The party closes with former Baha Men member, Fred Ferguson and his band Graffiti and their tribute to Bahamian folk musician Joseph Spence.

Journey to the world of tropical beaches, palm trees, mangos and irresistible rhythms with Putumayo’s Afro-Caribbean Party which also features a delicious, festive Caribbean rum punch recipe!

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