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Putumayo returns to its Latin American roots to begin its 20th anniversary celebrations with the release of Café Latino, which features leading singer-songwriters from Latin America and Spain.

With the release of Café Latino, Putumayo returns to its Latin American roots to begin celebrating its 20th anniversary. The collection features exceptional singer-songwriters from throughout the Latin world, extensive cultural liner notes and, as with 17 other Putumayo releases, a regional recipe, this time for a Venezuelan dark flan. The collection was also inspired by the spirit of the tertulia, informal gatherings at bars, cafés and living rooms where music is often played and poetry and literary discourse occurs.

Putumayo World Music was started in 1993 by Founder/CEO Dan Storper as an outgrowth of his original international clothing and handicraft business. As the business expanded, his travels to Latin America, Asia, Africa, Europe and Oceania brought him into contact with extraordinary, little-known musicians. Integrating world music into his retail stores led to an explosion of interest and the company released its first two collections in 1993. Since then, Putumayo has sold more than 30 million CDs. The company’s goal has been to introduce people to other cultures through curated, thematic collections of exceptional music they normally would not have access to.  After moving to New Orleans in 2004, Storper expanded the series to include more jazz, blues, folk and other American genres. The company also has a successful children’s music division and has branched out into other cultural products including books, calendars and more.

Café Latino brings together contemporary singer-songwriters from Latin America and Spain. Most of the artists featured on this collection grew up listening to Latin America’s Nueva Cancion (New Song) movement, a hallmark revolution in music that reached its peak in the politically turbulent era of the 1960’s and 70’s. Others were exposed to American folk, pop and jazz either at home or in their travels abroad. All contribute to a musically rich mix of sound that reflects the heritage of their homelands.

Many of the artists on Café Latino come from musical families or have international family roots. Born in Venezuela, singer-songwriter Sacha Hildago aka Sacha Nairobi, is also a member of a family band featuring her father and brothers.  Amanda Martinez, renowned in Canada, was born to parents of Mexican and South African descent. Her song “Alcoba Azul,” has Argentinian tango influences. Jose Conde, mix his Cuban roots and Miami upbringing to present the mid-tempo El Avion. The 10 artists on the collection represent a fascinating overview of the contemporary Latin singer-songwriter scene

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