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Kids of all ages will love this fun selection of songs from one of the world’s most musical countries.

Cuban music has become very popular around the world. We hope this collection helps you learn about and enjoy this culturally rich country.

Cuba is an island country in the Caribbean Sea located about 90 miles from Florida. Cuba is known for many things, including its historical buildings, antique cars and most of all, its music! There are many different types of music and musical instruments in Cuba. Music is part of the people’s daily lives – you can hear it playing from radios as you walk down the street and live music is everywhere. Across the country, everyone from five to ninety-five sings and dances together because music brings so much joy to their lives.

Until 1898, the European country, Spain, ruled Cuba. During the 16th-19th centuries, Spaniards brought many Africans to work as slaves on the sugar and tobacco plantations. Because of this, Cuban music today is a blend of African and European music. Drumming and rhythm is very important in Cuban music. Call and response is another African musical feature that can be heard in Cuban music – that’s when a lead singer sings a line and other singers respond with a different musical phrase.

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