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Take a musical journey of Latin America with these soothing songs for relaxation and bedtime

Putumayo Kids adds to their best-selling collection of lullaby recordings with a new release, Latin Dreamland. Collecting ten calming melodies from around Latin America, this colorfully packaged release will ease the journey into “la tierra de los sueños” (dreamland).

“This has been the most-requested theme for the Dreamland series,” says Dan Storper, Founder and CEO of Putumayo World Music, who has studied and traveled extensively in Latin America (the company is named for a river valley in Colombia). “Latin music is popular around the world for its upbeat, danceable melodies and our children’s release, Latin Playground, reflected those joyful sounds. WithLatin Dreamland, we explore the beautiful melodies that Latin American mothers have long sung to help their babies fall asleep. It’s also fitting timing in that Putumayo World Music was born 20 years ago in April, 1993 after I’d spent many years importing crafts and clothing from Latin America.”

On Latin Dreamland, artists from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico and Peruperform traditional and new material, from a sweet song about bunnies (“Éste era un Conejo”) by Silvia Shujer, to “A Jardineira” by bossa nova guitarist Reginaldo Frazatto Jr.,  to the classic closing track “Cielito Lindo” by Marta Gómez. Among the hauntingly lovely tracks are “Canción de Cuna” by Marucafrom Chiapas, Mexico, and “El Eco,” which seems to resonate from the Andean mountains that inspire the music of Los Incas, renowned for their performance on Simon & Garfunkel’s song “El Condor Pasa.”  Peruvian pop singer Pamela Rodriguez offers a dreamy ballad “Cuñita de Hielo” (Cradle of Ice), and Hèlio Ziskind, popular with children throughout Brazil, returns to Putumayo Kids with a lullaby about an Amazonian tree, “Sorriso De Jequitibá.”

Like other CDs in the Dreamland collection, Latin Dreamland includes a 16–page colorful booklet of information about the artists and songs.

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