Saa Paper Gift Bag – Small (5″x 4″)

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Our Fair Trade Gift Wrap and Gift Bags…

All our fair trade gift wrap is made for us from Saa paper and is produced in Thailand.

The trees that the pulp comes from are locally known as saa trees.

These trees shed their bark just after the rainy period of the year.

It is this bark that the saa paper comes from.

Therefore, saa is a very good renewable resource.

How it’s made:

1. The bark of the tree is boiled with water and ash until it starts to become a thin pulp.

2. A special wooden frame with a screen on one side is then dipped in the container.

3. The pulp is then gently swirled around the frame.

This drains off any excess liquid and gives an even layer of pulp on the screen.

Wild flowers are added and then this process is repeated until a desired thickness of paper has been reached.

Then the frame is left out in the sun to dry out.

Once it is dry, the completed sheet of paper is taken off of the frame.

Made by the smallest of our suppliers in Thailand, a husband and wife team, they will give any gift a truly luxurious feel!

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Dimensions 0.1 × 55 × 81 cm


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