Tree of Life Table

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Acacia is a fast growing sustainable hard wood. Although the beauty and benefits of using Acacia for furniture have only recently become known in the West it has in fact been used for furniture since the 18th Century.

Acacia wood is prized for its durability and rustic grain. Our Indian Acacia furniture is produced in an Ethical manner meaning male and female employees are paid fairly and equally and no child labour is used.

Care of your furniture

Your furniture is made from solid acacia. It may be liable to some small movement, especially if kept in very warm conditions such as too close to a radiator or fire. It has been finished with french polish and then waxed.

In order to keep its rich sheen we recommend a regular application of bees waxed based furniture polish.

You can now buy any of our furniture with 0% finance, but this can only be done currently in store. Please call or come in for details!

Additional information

Dimensions 35 x 35 x 56 cm


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