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With people more focused on such issues as the environment and the economy, it is worth knowing how we at Iguazu are first and foremost a very environmentally focused company. 

Here at Iguazu, we are proud to be an eco-friendly family-run company. We don’t just sell eco-friendly products. We also recycle or reuse all of our packaging. All of our cardboard that comes in is recycled or reused as packaging in our online store.  

Also, as we are a small business, the majority of our bags are paper and hand-printed. We do still need some plastic bags for our heavier items, although our plastic bags have gotten smaller and smaller over the years.  

We also have amazing ranges of recycled and eco-friendly products. So, go back to our homepage and look at what we have to offer because you won’t just be supporting a small business. You will be helping support an eco-friendly business with an ethos to help people help themselves. 

There are many different ways to help the environment including; composting your waste food, recycling/reusing your glass and plastic items, using less electricity and growing plants in your garden. How are you helping the environment?