Fair trade products from Iguazu

The world today is not as equal as many people think. While craftsmen in western countries are paid fairly for their work, those in the developing world are being paid very little in comparison. For this reason, Neil and Karen decided to open Iguazu, a chain of shops selling ethically-sourced products from around the world. We also have an online shop where you can buy fair trade gifts and presents, from furniture and ornaments to toys and homeware. Our business has two main aims.

Firstly, we wish to rectify the balance between the rich and poor, selling items which have been purchased from reliable producers overseas at a price that will benefit both the original artisan and you, the consumer. The popularity of our fair trade shops has meant that people have come to buy numerous retail products from our stores in Beeston and West Bridgford, both fantastic shopping locations. This then helps to achieve our second goal: to promote these exotic pieces of art throughout the country, giving our customers the chance to see the beauty and creativity that can be found in nations all over this amazing world of ours.

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