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Importing products

Here at Iguazu, we have been importing our own products directly since 2016.  In early 2016 we received our first container of hand crafted products and furniture from Thailand.

Iguazu has been working ever since with over 200 small suppliers, bringing in unique products not seen in the UK before. Iguazu now import furniture from Java as well as Thailand and hope to start importing from Bali in the coming years.

This has brought a new lease of life to the shops; Iguazu has always supported many fair trade importers and continue to do so, but to have our own producers, and to work closely with them building the supply chain together is incredibly heart warming.

This way we can guarantee that our products are 100% fair trade. It is also one of the things that makes us a unique set of shops, selling everything from blown glass bowls, incense, wooden animals, lotus art, clothing and even jewellery.

What is your favourite product that we sell?