Iguazu currently stocks a large variety of Tumblestones in both of our branches. These can be found all over the world, from Brazil and China and even Africa. Tumblestones are natural rocks and minerals that have been put into a tumbler with various grades of sand which polishes them into a smooth and soft shape. Shaping them this way […]

Resin Buddhas

Iguazu have been selling our gorgeous range of resin buddhas for years now and have lots of new designs in stock! Buddhists believe that the path to Enlightenment is through the practice of morality, meditation and wisdom. Our resin buddhas can be bought in store or online at

Jute Bags

We have some new jute bags in stock. Practical, environmental and trendy!


Do you love to travel? If so then these globes are perfect for inspiring your next adventure. They look pretty too!